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Smart Attendance Management

Introduce in no time .Manage with no effort

OPASS Time and Attendance System consists of the advantages of all current attendance systems.
Our mobile cloud service and flexible sales model allow you to easily adapt OPASS and manage attendance of your employees with no effort.

We have a solution for all your attendance management difficulties!

Long Clocking Lines

There is always a line by the attendance machines during clock-in and clock-out hours.

Privacy Management Difficulties

Biometric time and attendance system brings serious privacy concerns.

High Personnel Management Cost

As office area expands and personnel flow increases, more time and effort are needed to collect and register data of employees and to manage temporary personnel.

Clocking Time Management

Manage clocking time with the clocking records on our App.

Improve your enterprise management method!

  • Signature / Time Clock

    Shortcoming : Traditional methods, low security, requires great effort to manage data
  • Identification Card

    Shortcoming : Each ID card requires certain cost, long lines, can’t clock-in/out without ID cards
  • Fingerprint / Palm / Facial Recognition Machines

    Shortcoming : Privacy concerns, high equipment cost, hygienic concerns

  • Wi-Fi / GPS attendance

    Shortcoming : GPS inaccurate, fake GPS location, Wi-Fi can be hacked, multiple-clocking at once

Small Device with Infinite Possibility

A smart time and attendance system with all the advantages.

Real-Time Record

Impossible to hack and counterfeit clocking record with its dynamic password ; Fair detect distance ; Active and accurate positioning

Smart Management

Keep track of clocking records with no effort ; GPS clocking, whether at a fixed point or not, helps keep track of salespersons’ whereabouts ; Companies can send out real-time push notifications

No Privacy Concern

Clocking at a fixed point using OPASS eliminates all privacy concerns

Easy Setup

No need for installing and updating software with our cloud platform ; Simple settings allows easy Personnel management

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